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Insure to Study will insure your stay in the Netherlands during your studies or internship. This special Sint Maarten Plan insurance is for students from Sint Maarten, who study in the Netherlands. 

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Advantages of Insure to Study

With the study and internship insurance of Insure to Study you will be properly insured during your stay in the Netherlands, but also during your temporary stay outside the Netherlands. On this page, you will find all the documents you need.

Icoon dekking
Summary of Coverage

Download the summary of coverage for the students of Sint Maarten here

Policy conditions

Download the policy conditions of our study and internship insurance for students from Sint Maarten studying in the Netherlands here

Quick help in case of a claim

Download the claim forms you need to report a damage to us here: medical and general.

The CAK in the Netherlands

The CAK in the Netherlands regularly monitors whether you have basic care insurance, based on information from the municipal personal records database.

The students of Sint Maarten are not included in the obligation to insure under the Dutch Long-Term Care Act (WLZ): if you have no income from work/internship in the Netherlands, you are not in a registered partnership and you do not have a child. You may as yet receive a letter from the CAK, stating you are not insured. If you do, immediately perform the check of the Dutch Social Insurance Bank (SVB), otherwise you run the risk of a fine.

Do the SVB check

In the Netherlands there is an obligation to take out basic health insurance, a law that does not apply in specific situations, such as for students from Sint Maarten, who study in the Netherlands.

We advise you to regularly check whether, as a student, you are obligated to take out a policy for the Dutch basic health insurance. Use the SVB check of the Dutch Social Insurance Bank for this.

The Europeesche Emergency Line

If something goes wrong during your stay or during your journey, you can call the Europeesche Emergency Line + 31 20 65 15 777.

Save this number in your mobile phone, so if you are in an emergency situation you can immediately call the emergency line in case of:

  • hospital admission
  • accident or sickness
  • earlier return
  • unexpected additional costs for travel and accommodation
  • repatriation

Think of your basic health insurance

De basiszorgverzekering voor Arubaanse studenten van HollandZorg.

The basic health insurance for the students of Sint Maarten from HollandZorg.

If you have an income from work/internship in the Netherlands, you have the obligation to take out a basic health insurance, also when you have been notified by the Dutch Social Insurance Bank (SVB) that you require a basic health insurance, then take out your policy at HollandZorg.

The premium is € 152,20 and there is no statutory deductible. You can register using the application form and authorization form. Subsequently, send the fully completed forms by e-mail to [email protected] together with your employment or internship agreement or the outcome of your SVB check. You can find the General Terms and Conditions here.

Claims to:
Attention: afd. Verstrekkingen/ groep verzekerden
Antwoordnummer 30
7400 VB Deventer
(poststamp not necessary)

Insure to Study makes all the proper arrangements

In the Insure To Study package your health insurance and Zip insurance are properly arranged for your stay in the Netherlands. All your necessary policies are included, also when you temporarily stay outside the Netherlands for your studies or internship. With the Insure to Study policy you are allowed to spend eight consecutive weeks of holiday on Stint Maarten.

We are ready to serve you!

Insure to study arranges all your insurance issues

We answer your questions and help you in case of damage. Attention make sure to always send your original invoices with your claim form, otherwise we will not be able to process your claim. Our e-mail address is [email protected] and you can reach us by telephone at +31 (0)70 20 51 860.

Wish to file a claim?

Do you wish to file a claim? There are two forms for this. Send the completed form and the original invoices by e-mail to: [email protected]

Are you moving? Do you stop studying? No more work?

It is very important to immediately report all changes to:

Insure to Study